alice in Winterland map

Unique, enchanting experience

Storytelling through handmade lanterns

Immersive and interactive adventure

Immerse yourself in the lantern festival

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fall down a rabbit hole and find yourself in Wonderland filled with flamingos, illuminated playing cards and the Mad Hatter’s tea party? Luckily for you, you won’t have to fall down any holes this Christmas but you’ll find yourself in Alice’s Winterland right here.

pudding man

The Mad Hatter

See one of Alice in Wonderland’s most famous characters preparing for his tea party – the eccentric Mad Hatter!

flower garden

The Caterpillar

Meet the gigantic Caterpillar on his huge red illuminated mushroom and glaring eyes!

the white king


Come face to face with the famous Alice in Wonderland character, The Queen of Hearts.



Stand next to the 4 metre tall Alice lantern as you follow in her footsteps through the Winterland trail...



Immerse yourself in Winterland’s fantasy Flower Garden with life-sized mushrooms, illuminated tulips and much more!


The Pawns

Walk across the enormous red and white chessboard and attempt to outmanoeuvre the Giant Queen’

The Queen of Hearts


Can you guess who this is? None other than Tweedle-Dee ready to cause mayhem and mischief in Winterland.

the mad matter


The weird and the wonderful residents of Winterland, like the Pudding Man, are ready and waiting for you...


The Jabberwocky

Test your nerves as you come face to face with the formiddable Jabberwocky!

What You Can Expect at Alice in Winterland

Illuminated by the hundreds of magical lantern displays, this Christmas, Southwark Park will be home to Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Humpty Dumpty and many more of those Lewis Carroll’s childhood characters we all know and love.

This immersive experience is perfect festive fun for all the family, whatever your age. From a life-size chessboard with an Alice pawn to the iconic Mad Hatter’s tea party, there’s ways to get involved throughout the experience.

Follow both the Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass stories as you see over a hundred handmade lanterns fill the darkness. From Christmas Pudding insects to Bread and Butter mosquitoes, you’ll venture through insect city, the gigantic tulips in the magical flower garden, the fun-filled caucus race and much more.

No Wonderland would be complete without a tea-party inspired outdoor dining area as you indulge in a glass or two of something delicious and sing-a-long to the familiar festive songs sung live on the big stage!